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" ... Coming back from those trips, I would be inspired to quickly look at my calendar and determine “when can I go back”. Hours of research, reading reviews, developing the ideal itinerary only added to my anticipation. But alas, life of career, kids, responsibilities tapped on my shoulder and those trips stayed in the ‘inspiration only’ status mode. 

Can’t help but think as I look back…was all that planning, strategizing, fantasizing a lost cause, or was it the activation of something yet to come...."


The team here at Sojourn, from the travel researchers to those behind the scenes – united by their passion for exploring the world and their belief in the power of curating unforgettable trips that help make it a better place. 



Amy Koenig is a chief passport stamp collector, foodie, marketer and founder of Sojourn, a Destination Experience Company.

During her nearly 20 years of business travel as a Marketing Executive, Amy was able to circle the globe and develop a keen passion for new people, places and things. She now has great appreciation for travelling for pleasure, taking alongside her family and friends along for the adventure.

With her love of exceptional food, wine and unique experiences, she ensures to layer in thoughtful considerations to ensure those elements of joy are woven into all of her global travels.

She designed Sojourn as a way for people to experience destinations with luxury, authenticity, and connectivity. An opportunity to have more meaningful travel, to allow travelers to leave feeling they have deep roots within those destinations, and to allow those experiences to transform themselves in positive ways.

In addition to Sojourn, Amy owns the small boutique integrated marketing firm, Intellective Marketing. Just as she connects people to places, she connects people to brands – making a deeper, more successful consumer experience.

When not jetting off, Amy enjoys time with her family, entertaining friends, watching any Chicago sports team, catching a Dave Matthews concert, and loving on her dog, Wrigley.



Stephanie G.

Stephanie's passion for traveling was instilled in her at a young age. Her family took numerous family vacations every year growing up, her mom always including something unique and special. Stephanie now brings that tradition into her own travels, making sure she includes something that makes each trip memorable.

She is a meticulous travel planner, detailed oriented, and always has a plan but is never afraid to drop it all for a spontaneous opportunity. She believes the best part of traveling is immersing yourself in local life, often walking double digit miles just to take it all in.  She often takes inspiration from her love of history and literature when planning her next adventures.

In her downtime, Stephanie is off exploring used bookstores to add to her ever growing library, writing about anything and everything, or hanging out with her brothers.




Learn more about Ray soon! 




Born and raised in the Midwest and the oldest of eight siblings, Juilee’s life purpose was to become a teacher. She is a nature-loving, adventure seeking artist, and Reading Specialist at an elementary school district outside Chicago.

As a lifelong learner, she has pursued training in environmental education, feng shui, health and nutrition, hospice care, mindfulness, and trauma-informed recovery in classrooms.

An angel encounter at age 14 instilled a devotion in the field of metaphysical arts including journal writing, spiritual retreats, channeling, and Reiki/Chios energy healing Master certification.

Juilee’s dream manifestation includes the formation of a creative healing arts center. The ultimate goal of this healing arts center is to provide a safe environment for guests to nurture their soul, explore their creativity, and elevate their level of joy in the world. This dream aligns with Sojourn’s goal of re-quiescence and service to our global community.

During time off from teaching, Juilee enjoys time with her friends and family community. She also loves conspiring with her adult sons in Colorado where she relishes hiking, listening to live music, and watching the sunset. She is passionate about fostering wellness through fitness, travel, and all things creative.



Tried & True. 

Always with me are small bills in local currency for generous tipping to show appreciation and lots of ziplock bags for anything & everything.


Don't feel as if you need to be fluent in the native language of the country you visit. A few key word and requests are always appreciated by the locals.


Ensure you get adventurous with the local food. You may discover a new favorite dish you never knew you loved. Bonus, learn to make it while there. 




Do you have a skill, modality, our unique experience you love to teach or share with others? 

We are expanding our global community to continue to next level the experiences for our travelers.

Our network of mindful and decerning collaborators, guides & teachers are one of the most important elements to our connect-centric community of wanderlusters. 

We invite you to tell us more about your talents.